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Wallpaper - Thousands of patterns to choose

We’re an international wallpaper specialist. We import our products from around the world, so that you can buy wallpapers in Singapore with the the very best designs from over the world. With designs both neutral and bold, modern and naturalistic, there’s something to suit every décor. We also offer 3D wallpapers.

3D Wall Mural - Full Customization for Different Wall Sizes

Wall mural capture the attention of anyone almost immediately, and make any images you choose to display really pop. 

Mural wallpapers are not just limited to one area in your home. They can be used in many different rooms to set different moods. 

Seamless wall covering - Wall cloth

the new decorative material,

Whole environmentally friendly fabric is more wear-resistant than the wallpaper, this wall covering has the function of sound insulation. and The seamless process greatly extends its service life. the fabric has good breath-ability, can also effectively prevent mold. The most important thing is that this material is a complete fabric, without seams, long-term use without worrying about opening and warping.

Window Films 

Window Films let in the natural light you love while rejecting heat and UV rays. Window films can help you lower energy costs, eliminate hot spots, reduce glare and protect your furnishings — all without affecting your view.  

Reduce up to 80% of the sun’s heat,

Evenly disperse natural light,

Block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Rainbow Blinds - Combi Blinds

Rainbow blinds incorporate two layers of fabrics. These two layers are often made up of polyester and one perforated material. 

Other than ease of control, the sheer material generally used for rainbow blinds radiates subtle elegance analogous to sheer elegant curtains. In spite of this, privacy protection and UV light control are not compromised. Thus, rainbow blinds are perfect for Singapore residences – HDBs, condos, and bungalows – as well as commercial spaces.

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds are easier to clean at less frequency, although commonly used indoors, roller blinds are also used to block harsh sunlight in balcony spaces. If aesthetics is what you’re concerned about, roller blinds have a myriad of designs to fit your unique interior designs. 

Functionality-wise, the material options range from sunscreen for letting sunlight without the harmful UV rays in, block out for complete privacy, and even translucent fabrics to allow light into the room. 

Dream Curtain - Vertical Blinds

Dream Curtains are the ideal alternative to traditional curtains. For those who are looking to transition from blinds to curtains, it would be the top recommended option. Made of light materials and with roughly the same level of manageability, they are akin to your traditional curtains, but made better. The extra feature of allowing you to adjust how you filter natural light into a room – thus controlling privacy – puts vertical blinds notches above your traditional curtains. In addition, they offer better heat and cold installation that ordinary fabric curtains.

Curtains - Day curtain & Night curtain

Night curtains are crucial elements for every home in Singapore.

Night curtains block light and sound from entering a room. This functionality is attributable to the materials of these draperies – privacy-inducing fabrics that act as a barrier. They keep sounds at bay, muffling noise from noisy neighbors or from passing vehicles if you live near busy roads. They also keep noise in. Its light-blocking properties ensure that you get the most restful sleep, especially if you need to sleep in during the day.


3D Wall Panel 

Environmental PVC Wall Panel

The choice of dozens of patterns, three-dimensional artistic effects, and different color combinations can make your walls unique.

Waterproof and fireproof,

Is the first choice for artistic background wall.

Crystal Mosaic 

The novel crystal mosaic design, more beautiful colors are matched together, giving you a gorgeous design effect, and a brilliant art style.

Crystal polished material, anti-slip treatment, waterproof and explosion-proof, very durable.

Can be installed on any flat surface, as the kitchen, toilet, dining room, etc.

Sliding Door

No installation on the ground,

easy to install,

save space,

Door Sticker - Furniture stickers

Environmental PVC material,



Can be removed,

Simple replacement,

Suitable for doors, wardrobes, refrigerators, glasses and other flat surfaces

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