HomeEdition (Wall Decoration Singapore), We are import and distribute quality wallpapers and wallcoverings for the Singapore and International markets. Buying directly from well known manufacturers in United States of America, Western Europe and Korea meant that We have a very wide range of the latest styles and designs offering good value and attractive prices to the interior designers, architects, hotel and office developers, government organisations, contractors and house owners.


From exquisite textures to dazzling graphics, HomeEdition offers a wide palette of possibilities for the wall. We continually introduce new products to keep Home Edition fresh and original. Versa inspires and supports you with colors, styles and patterns to create your design vision. Our design studios can create customized wallcovering for any type of project. 

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HomeEdition (Wall Decoration) helps to decorate your home or office and make it the place where you express your unique individual characteristics or where you present your corporate identity and taste.


In Singapore, Wallpaper is Getting More Popular.


In Singapore, wallpapers has gained more popularity in recent years to replace paint. There are plenty of reasons why wallpaper is better than paint, Modern Striped Wallpaper especially what wallpaper can do is definitely more than what paint can accomplished.

Many home or office owners in Singapore use wallpapers to give character towards the home or office so the room and interior becomes more attractive and lively. It is also used to match the blinds, carpet and curtain installed.

Wallpaper is also able to create any room atmosphere that you desire like elegant, country, intimate, modern, classic, contemporary, etc. It is available in plenty of wallpaper designs, shapes, colors, patterns and quality. With endless of the wallcovering options, you have the freedom to express your personality and taste without any limitations.


HomeEdition (Wall Decoration) is Cost Effective and Value for Money.


There are thousands of wallcovering or wallpaper designed with themes that match your style, passion or hobby. You can be adventurous by applying different themes for different rooms so each room in your home or office tells a different story.

Many people who are interested in installing wallpaper in their home or office always concern about the cost. This is fully understood but it’s only valid in the past.

The cost of Our Wallpaper has gradually reduced over the years with mass production and the pricing has become much more competitive and affordable. At times it could be more economical when compare with paint.

The recently produced HomeEdition Wallpapers can last up to seven and even ten years. Moreover, today’s wallpaper for home or office are washable and they do not cost expensive treatment or maintenance.

On the other hand, the HomeEdition (Wall Decoration) designers/manufacturers also continuously produce new wallpaper designs to ensure every passion, style, personality, demand or hobby from customers is fully satisfied.


We offer extensive options, designs and range of wall covering such as:

Korean wallpapers

United States wallpapers

Germany wallpapers
3D Wall murals

Waterproof wallpaper
3D non-woven wallpaper
5D Fiber wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper

Wall coverings

Wall cloth
And many more…

We are extremely proud of our wall decoration service offerings, and are happy to share that,

we shall continue to upgrade our quality of service through staff training, always offer quality and well designed interior decoration products and work on total customer satisfaction.

You can relax and leave the dirty work to our high-trained and experienced team of installers who have average 5 years and above of wallpaper installing experience. 


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